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For more than three decades, Richard Maize has been an entrepreneur, a real estate investor and a remarkable philanthropist based in the LA area.

Real Estate

Ways and means for a good Return on Investment


Designations held for influencing people all over the world

For A Cause

Helping people in need is the cause to live a peaceful life


The more experience gathered, the more expertise rendered


Directly resonates with the right chives made at the right time


Expansion is the key to make happy clients worldwide

A Successful Business

A great business venture works though an efficient team works. Richard Maize himself believes in the power of co-operation. A number of skills when combined together make an efficient resource of manpower that sustains any business in the long run.

  • Write your schedule down in a planner or at least in a notebook.
  • Nothing feels better than crossing off a task or a goal with an actual pen.
  • Always make time for family!
  • Make sure you’re hiring the right people for your company culture.
Richard Maize

“Writing down goals both daily, weekly and long term. With long term goals, I write first where I want to be, then fill in the gap as to how to get there.”

- Richard Maize

“I am an idea guy, it’s one of my biggest strengths. I’m also the ultimate optimist, so there’s never an idea that I think is “too big” to accomplish. I love to accomplish things people didn’t think were possible. You have to believe in yourself.”

- Richard Maize.
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