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Richard Maize is a renowned business and real estate expert with nearly thirty years of experience in the industry. He has carved out a reputation for being a foremost resource for the finance, mortgage and real estate business. At 28, he amassed almost 1000 apartment units. After selling his mortgage firm, Maize went about investing in numerous other business ventures due to his constant fascination with the intricacies of business methodologies and tactics.

As the current partner of an online PR firm, a distressed assets company and an investor to a food truck, Richard balances work, homelife and community outreach through his philanthropic foundation, the Rochelle & Richard Maize Foundation. Through the foundation, Richard raises funds and donates to causes including youth advancement and environmental as well as health initiatives.

Richard Maize currently resides in Beverly Hills with his two daughters and wife Rochelle, with whom he runs the philanthropic foundation.

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